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Unknown to many, the Philippines is the world’s fourth largest English-speaking nation with English being taught at all levels of public and private education. We take great pride in our teachers, because not only are they carefully selected for their impeccable American-style English-speaking ability, but they also complete an extensive training regimen where they sharpen their English skills before being qualified to teach our students.

From simple nouns and verbs to adverbial phrases and idioms, our grammar lessons are designed so that you develop a deep understanding of how the language works and how words are pronounced.

Put grammar into practice by constructing logical descriptive sentences that sound natural to American English speakers, which later leads to writing paragraphs, letters and short articles.

Our Reading courses help develop a love for reading English books or documents. Your vocabulary will surely expand and help sharpen your listening skills which then will lead to better communication in your oral or written English conversation.

Similar to Day 3, listening is just as important in learning how to be proficient in English. It is a major key to making your English conversation sound natural.

Redundancy is foundational to learning, so each lesson is packed with sections designed to review and reinforce what you’ve learned. Every 5th day, you’ll review and be given a quiz to ensure you’re on track.


Our Courses

Our 24-week, 30 minute-a-day course (60 hours), is presented in such a way where you’ll learn, review and practice with your well-trained, English-proficient tutor in your regularly scheduled, 1-on-1, online tutoring session.


An Unparalleled Value

Get amazing 30-minute daily lessons for one amazingly affordable price of $129* per month.


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