Do you know enough English to get yourself around in situations where you have to use it? Most of us probably have gone through some English lessons and have taken grammar classes. It is a language that many are hoping to acquire. Often, non-English speakers worry about the grammar part more than anything else. So they take classes mastering it through writing mostly, arranging words to make complete sentences that make sense. This knowledge is then taken, with high hopes, into the real world to be applied. This is when it’s realized that grammar knowledge does not equal to speaking. This is a common challenge for English learners. As soon as they start to speak, they think of the grammar. The fear of making grammatical errors becomes a stumbling block.

Certainly, grammar is essential in helping to accurately express logically. But it is a hindrance to learners as they’re afraid to make mistakes when they try to speak. Of course, when one is learning the beginner level, a traditional teacher is needed to introduce the first 300 or so English words. However, in the real world, though grammar is important, practical use of the language is the key to speaking. After learning the basics, speaking is the next step and it demands a different way of learning. The pathway to being fluent is by putting yourself in situations that compel you to speak. So if you wish to bring your English speaking to the next level, practice and just speak out!

So where can one possibly get a good practice in speaking English in an environment of non-English speakers? Most learners would wish to have an English speaking friend that they can talk to. But this is difficult to achieve especially if you live in a country that doesn’t use the language as much. Thankfully, technology has contributed to the possibility of connecting people across the globe. One of the best ways to learn how to speak fluently is by having a conversation partner. This is not something new of course. Online ESL courses are offered all over the net. The variety of courses offered by online ESL companies is enormous. Therefore, the practicality of learning how to speak English more fluently is unquestionably possible.

Speaking to a live person who speaks English helps in so many ways. It helps you feel more comfortable than sitting in an actual classroom setting. You can fearlessly express more without worrying or being self-conscious about the possibility of making mistakes. The corrections are done in a very natural way. Moreover, the frequency of these online lessons and conversations is the very pathway to English fluency. This is one of the greatest ways to have a constant conversation partner. Arriving at fluency through them is achievable. If I may, I highly recommend mirfeelonline.com where speaking is emphasized more than any other aspect of English fluency. They have sound English courses where conversation practice is the key component. You’d be impressed by the teachers who are highly qualified and friendly.

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